Ruby (in the Rough)

So, Johnny and I have been talking about getting a puppy sometime in the near future. We originally were planning to get a dog around springtime, so we could train it when it was warmer outside, and also so we could include it in our engagement photos. Then Johnny started to talk about getting a “Valentine’s Day” puppy. But then… a dog fell into our laps.

I talked to my mom on the phone on Wednesday night, and she told me that she received a phone call from a lady named Stephanie. She owns two golden retrievers and they often breed them and sell the puppies. I’ve seen signs for them all the time and have always wanted to get one, but living with my parents meant I wasn’t allowed. This past summer Stephanie had a litter of puppies and my aunt and uncle went to look at them. I guess my uncle knows Stephanie’s husband somehow, or maybe it was Stephanie, I can’t remember. So my aunt and uncle told them that my brother and I really wanted golden retrievers. So this lady called my mom.

Stephanie’s daughter had wanted to keep one of the puppies from their most recent litter from this past summer, but then she didn’t take care of it, so they decided to give her up for adoption. Usually they charge around $300-400 for one of their puppies, but since this dog is already six months old, they just wanted to give it to someone. So Stephanie called my mom to see if my brother was interested. Since he is doing rotations for his last year of pharmacy school and living all over the state (and Florida, actually) and then living with my parents in between, it just isn’t an option for him.

So on Wednesday when I was talking to my mom, she mentioned her phone call and told me all about this dog. I couldn’t resist, so I told Johnny about it. And he was completely sold on the idea of at least going to look at her. We wanted a dark red female golden retriever and here was a six month old for free that we could just have… He couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Yesterday we went to meet her. The family lives on a farm and their dogs are outside, so they were basically in a big mud pit. When we pulled up, I caught a glimpse of her, and I immediately was like, “oh crap.” Because she was DARK red… and that’s what I really wanted. Before we went, we weren’t entirely sold on the idea of getting a six month old, especially since we have two cats, but as soon as I saw her, I knew I was screwed. We pulled up and introduced ourselves to the husband (I can’t remember his name) and he took us down towards the dog pen. Stephanie came out of the barn and she brought the puppy. The mother was in the pen and the father was somewhere in the barn.

They said the puppy’s name was Zoey, but from the sounds of it they don’t call her by her name very often. It seems like they had a lot on their plates between their farm and their family, and so they couldn’t give her a lot of attention — hence the reason they had to get rid of her. The mama dog was Annie and the dad was Clyde. Annie was somewhat on the smaller side and not very fluffy, but Clyde was a big beautiful boy. I am hoping the puppy is a mix of something in between.

When we first got there, the puppy (who I am just going to refer to as Ruby from now on, because if we get her, that’s going to be her name) was excited and wiggled a lot, but she never jumped on us. Which is good, because she was muddy. At first Annie and Ruby were both barking a lot and feeding off of each other’s crazy energy. But then Stephanie handed me the leash and I crouched down and started petting Ruby and she just immediately chilled out. I really don’t think she gets very much attention, so the extra rubdown just completely calmed her. And she sure is BEAUTIFUL.


I just knew I was going to fall in love with her. I KNEW when we got there she’d be dark red and have those eyes and that big black nose and just bowl me over. And she sure did. We stood and talked with Stephanie and her husband for about… 15 minutes, asking questions about the dog and getting more information. But I just couldn’t get a read on Johnny. I was already head over heels, but it seemed to me like he wasn’t interested. Which I completely know why. He’s a salesman. He has a great poker face.

We gave Ruby a few extra rub downs and then we left. And when we got in the car, I was like… “So?” And he was like, “She was such a good girl.” And then it was instantly like… “CRAP” and “OMG” and “YAYYY!!” LOL. I have never owned a dog before and I’ve always wanted to. My dream dog is a golden. And here she is. Just… right there.

And when we visited, she was such a good girl. She didn’t jump. She calmed down really quickly. She didn’t lick our faces (Johnny really doesn’t like that.) She just… sat there and let me love her and was adorable.

There are some drawbacks to the situation:

  1. We have cats and she’s basically a full-grown dog. It’s going to wreck their little cat worlds. One of our cats is easily stressed, so that should be interesting. (On the plus side… We brought a cat out at the farm to see how Ruby handled it, she just sniffed it. That was it. SO CALM.)
  2. She is an outside dog and we’re going to have her in our little apartment. Plus, we have nothing, basically, in the way of a yard.
  3. She isn’t really trained… We’re going to really have to work on potty training her and crate training her and such. I am worried it’ll be hard since she is already six months old and has six months worth of “bad” habits.

So we decided to do a trial run with her. We are picking her up in two days and we’re going to try it out for the week, see how she behaves, how the cats handle the situation, how WE handle the added responsibility. It’s going to be interesting. But I think with a little time, a lot of hard work and dedication, and some luck, she’ll fit right in to our little family.

I can’t wait to bring her home! I hope this goes well. 🙂


I like to think of this as her “Bliss” face. Post-rubdown bliss. LOL.


Paintings Nails with Spam

So ever since I saw this post on Pinterest the other day, I’ve been wanting to try this trick and see if it works.

Let me just say… it kind of works. So I followed this woman’s instructions:

1) Paint nails
2) Spray with Pam
3) Let sit for one minute
4) Rinse hands and wipe off.

Here are MY changes:

1) Paint nails (I did two layers pretty quickly on top of each other.)
2) Spray Pam on nails.
3) Let sit for 2-3 minutes.
4) Rinse hands and let AIR DRY.

The first time I tried it, I rinsed, then wiped off my wet hands with a paper towel and it immediately smudged my nail (I tried it on one nail first.) So I did the rest of my hand, re-sprayed, waited a few more minutes, then rinsed with cold water and let air dry. It worked pretty well, so I did the second hand.

The thing is, it doesn’t make your nails COMPLETELY dry. It dries the polish pretty quickly, but then once you rinse, the nails are still slightly tacky. I had made a mess with the Pam, so I was cleaning it up with a sponge, and I smudged one of my nails, because they weren’t completely dry.

Does it make your nails dry faster? Yes. Is it a miracle nail drying technique? No.

Also, it makes your hands smell kind of funky. But I want to wait a little bit before I wash them really good with soap and water so I don’t smudge them even more.

P.S. WOW, I need to put some lotion on my hands. Look how pink/red they are with irritation. Siiiigh. I hate you, cold weather.


I decided to start a blog because I have been “falling up” lately, hence the title of my blog. My life has done a complete 180 in the last few months and I am loving it. I want to share my stories, my photos, my projects, my LIFE here for whomever wants to read it.

This blog will include stories about my life, my upcoming wedding (and the planning for it), the craft projects I do (sometimes with my fiance), my weight loss program (gotta get skinny for this weddin’!), etc.

Follow along if you’d like, I am mostly here to express myself and give myself yet another outlet for my thoughts and creativity. Now, it’s time to go spend some time with my man and consider what I want to post next.