Paintings Nails with Spam

So ever since I saw this post on Pinterest the other day, I’ve been wanting to try this trick and see if it works.

Let me just say… it kind of works. So I followed this woman’s instructions:

1) Paint nails
2) Spray with Pam
3) Let sit for one minute
4) Rinse hands and wipe off.

Here are MY changes:

1) Paint nails (I did two layers pretty quickly on top of each other.)
2) Spray Pam on nails.
3) Let sit for 2-3 minutes.
4) Rinse hands and let AIR DRY.

The first time I tried it, I rinsed, then wiped off my wet hands with a paper towel and it immediately smudged my nail (I tried it on one nail first.) So I did the rest of my hand, re-sprayed, waited a few more minutes, then rinsed with cold water and let air dry. It worked pretty well, so I did the second hand.

The thing is, it doesn’t make your nails COMPLETELY dry. It dries the polish pretty quickly, but then once you rinse, the nails are still slightly tacky. I had made a mess with the Pam, so I was cleaning it up with a sponge, and I smudged one of my nails, because they weren’t completely dry.

Does it make your nails dry faster? Yes. Is it a miracle nail drying technique? No.

Also, it makes your hands smell kind of funky. But I want to wait a little bit before I wash them really good with soap and water so I don’t smudge them even more.

P.S. WOW, I need to put some lotion on my hands. Look how pink/red they are with irritation. Siiiigh. I hate you, cold weather.


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