Bringing Ruby Home


So, we got our doggy! We brought Ruby home on Tuesday night and I just… I could not believe how well behaved she was. She didn’t attack the cats, though she was curious about them. And they were curious about her. She didn’t jump, bark, lick, etc. Her one downfall was that she wasn’t very good on her leash. She was really skittish outside. But the thing is, we live in town and there is a ton of traffic around our apartment. Her old home was on a farm so the only cars she was exposed to were the cars in her driveway which are much less frightening.


Over the next few days she’s gotten a little less well-behaved, lol. She’s still a really good girl, but that first night she slept through the night and didn’t make a peep. I started bragging about how she was so quiet and never barked, etc, and then she started barking. But she only does it a couple of times. When we come in the house and don’t get to her kennel fast enough to let her out and when I turn on the TV and it startles her. It’s actually kind of funny how she’s scared of the TV. But otherwise she doesn’t bark.

She’s getting slightly more aggressive towards the cats… but by that I mean, getting closer to them, getting more excited and chasing them. She hasn’t tried to bite them or growl at them or hurt them in any way. I think she just wants to play. The cats are like, “nuh-uh, girl!” But they are dealing with it. Although Lucy has taken to hiding again. :/ But we’ll break her of that just like we did last time.


She still hasn’t had any accidents inside, which is awesome, but she hates going outside. And she lets you know if she doesn’t have to go. When you put the leash on her and try to take her out, she sits down and stops moving. If you manage to drag her out of the apartment and to the stairs, she once again sits and refuses to move. But if she does have to go, she drags you to the grass, does her business, and then drags you back to the steps to go inside. It’s funny, but something we’re definitely going to have to work on with her, because we want to be able to play with her outside and train her and such. So hopefully she’ll eventually get used to the traffic. We are going to try and train her some more on the leash this weekend when we are at my parent’s house so that it’s not as scary. Maybe she’ll enjoy the outdoors more and we can work with her on the leash.

Last night we let her in to our bed for the first time while we watched TV. It was the best thing ever! Haha. I love puppy snuggles. She just laid down and chilled out and snuggled with me. It was great.



Stealing my spot on the bed while I was out of the room. Haha.

Here’s two more of her with the two cats. I love the second one of her between the cat’s ears. She’s like, “Mom… WTF? Pay attention to ME!” LOL.




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