Meeting New Friends

So we took Ruby home this weekend to stay at my parents’ house and meet all of her new friends. She did so well! We started off with an hour long car ride home and she rocked it. Just lays in the back seat and chills out. First we went to Johnny’s parents house and they have two pugs there and she got to meet them. That was fairly entertaining. They’re fast little boogers and get under her feet and it was just amusing.

Both pugs at the same time had their noses buried in her butt. Ahhh, gotta love the way of the dog.

I think she really likes their house. There’s a lot of stimulation there and friends to play with it. They have their back yard completely fenced in, but we weren’t able to let her out on Saturday because they were cutting down a tree. So Johnny’s mom and I took the two pugs and Ruby for a walk instead. That was entertaining. Since she has horrible leash manners, it was just… interesting. First, she kept tripping Johnny’s mom, which is just kind of embarrassing. And secondly, she freaked out every time a car drove by. And thirdly, she thinks everybody’s house is a safe place, so she tried to go up the steps to everyone’s house… EVERY SINGLE HOUSE. That was fun. LOL. But even though she kept tripping her, my soon-to-be mother-in-law just loves her. Which, duh! How can you not? Aside from the leash, she is super calm and well-behaved.

After that we stopped by my parents’ house to drop all of our stuff off and let them meet Ruby. Keep in mind that this entire time, my dad has been super disapproving of our decision to adopt this dog. He thought it was stupid, because we need to pay for our wedding and we shouldn’t be wasting money on a dog. And that our apartment is too small and no place for a dog. And on and on and on… He doesn’t understand the fact that I am 26 years old, an adult, living with my fiance… It doesn’t really matter what he thinks about it. But it was just hilarious, because he could NOT get over how well-behaved she was. I mean, COULD NOT get over it. Kept commenting on it, kept trying to rile her up just to see if he could, etc. He was completely and totally impressed by her. I found that extremely amusing. I wanted to high-five Ruby like “Way to go, girl!” LOL.

We also took Ruby to meet Daniel and Hannah’s dogs. They loved her. Haas kept trying to hump her… He is an equal-opportunity humper… humps basically every dog he meets, regardless of their gender. And he gets CRAZY eyes the entire time. So funny! But, luckily he’s fixed. Gus just wanted to play with her, but he got so excited that he drooled buckets all over the place… including on Ruby’s head… and my foot. That was lovely. The only oopsie moment we had is when Ruby took a huge dump on their basement floor. Luckily it’s concrete so it was easy to clean up. LOL.

Playing with Haas and Gus.

Johnny bought a stake and a tie-out leash to put in my parents’ yard for her. He wanted to try it today. That included making me leave her out there and watch her freak out. It was horrible. I am NO good at this part of mommy-hood. I don’t like to see her stressed out. Unfortunately, I understand the necessity of it. We want her to be less timid and more independent, especially outside. And be able to put her out and let her have some exercise and go to the potty and just explore the yard. But believe me, I kept my eyes glued to her the whole time from inside the front door. She systematically went around in a circle trying to test the stake for weak spots. I only left her out there for MAYBE five minutes. That was about all the torture I could withstand.

Then we took her back to Johnny’s parents and let her out in the backyard with the two dogs. And then closed the door and walked away. I think she had fun playing with them, but I still had to keep going to check on her, and eventually I let them all back inside, although I felt bad because Johnny’s parents were eating and the pugs immediately tried to get up in that. But I just can’t handle it. That’s something that she’s going to have to teach me. Maybe it’s definitely a good thing that I got a dog before I had a kid. Haha. Maybe this will help me chill out. It’s just… I am a crazy mommy. I did this when Lucy was freaking out when we moved her down here to live with Johnny. I just completely cannot handle it when my pets are unhappy. How am I supposed to do that with my children? LOL. It’s going to be interesting.

Now we are back at home. With a ton of dog stuff in tow. She has more bones and toys than any dog I know. Haha. And we’ve only had her for five days. LOL. But she is wiped out, currently laying behind me on the floor ignoring all her bones. My girl’s had a busy, busy weekend. It was fun, but I think we’re both glad to just be home and relax a little bit.

Oh, and I promise to eventually write about something other than my dog. 🙂

My man and our baby girl.


One thought on “Meeting New Friends

  1. nikki says:

    Glad it went so well! I can understand your “freaking out” when you see her stressed. Hopefully in a few months she’ll love going outside.

    I find that kind of weird though since she was an outside dog originally. I wonder if she’s like, “OMG I LOVE LIVING INSIDE DON”T MAKE ME GO BACK OUT TO LIVE IN THE COLD AGAIN!” haha

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