Project Life

So I started a new project called Project Life. It’s half scrapbook/half journal. I actually found it through Pinterest and thought it looked really interesting. All of the information about it can be found on I’ve been scrapbooking lately… sort of. I’ve made 1.5 scrapbooks, LOL. But I never really liked how the scrapbooking turned out. It just never looked how I wanted it to. 

I’ve also missed journaling. I started writing in a diary when I was 8 years old, and I continued writing in paper journals or online journals through my first couple of college years. And then slowly, but surely, I stopped. It faded out. I’ve missed it.

Project Life makes scrapbooking and journaling a lot easier. I love it. My main problem is that my life isn’t that interesting to update it that often! Haha. Most people who do Project Life do it as a weekly thing. Each spread in the binder is supposed to be one week. I decided not to go that route. I’ve researched a lot of other Project Lifers’ books (one of my favorites is Elise) and I don’t really see the point in scrapbooking about what I ate during the week or my day-to-day boring activities. So I’ve been working on mine when I’ve had something to talk about. It’s nice because all those random iPhone photos have a place to go.

I thought I would share what I’ve got so far… Sorry about the picture quality. I took them at night inside my apartment, so the lighting sucked. I didn’t want to spend a ton of time on making them beautiful when I was just going to share them here.


This is the binder I chose to purchase. I love red.

This is the first page. All of those little papers came with the paper kit I bought. I like the kit, but it’s probably the least useful thing out of the three parts of the kit: 1) The binder, 2) The pocket pages, and 3) the paper stuff. It’s nice that the papers fit right in, but they aren’t exactly how I would want them to be. Meaning I wish I had more writing space on some of them. So I’ve bought a few of the add-on paper kits. I like those better.

Even though I started Project Life a few months after we got engaged, I wanted a place to showcase all of our photos and such from it. So I made this page first from the Sugarland concert and our engagement. Some of the stuff I’ve used in these pages is some random scrapbooking stuff I had already.

I made this spread from our trip to Dawes Arboretum (our wedding location) on September 29th. We went to see what the weather was like since we’re getting married on September 28th next year. I took lots of pictures and had a lot to say, hence, this spread.

This is a random spread. The first page is about a few hours we spent on Johnny’s 4-wheeler and the second page is kitty pictures.

The first page is from a play we went to that our friend Charleigh was in. She placed Alice in “Alice in Wonderland.” She rocked. The second page is about our little DIY project where we painted our living room pillar with magnetic paint and chalkboard paint.

This is the RUBY spread. 😀 The first page is about our first visit to meet her and the second is about our first week with her.

And that’s all so far. I doubt I’ll share ALL of my spreads here, but I wanted to share my experience with the project because I love it. It’s easy and fun. It helps that I have a photo printer, but it wouldn’t be so hard to get pictures printed at Wal-Mart or Walgreens or online. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes scrapbooking and/or journaling and/or photos and/or paper/crafts. Haha.

That’s all. Tata for now.


3 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. nikki says:

    I love that you’re doing this project at the start of your engagement. It feels really symbolic of the next phase of life for you both! Looks so cool! I wish I could start one!

    • Emily says:

      That is AWESOME. I wish my hubby would do something like that with me. I am happy though that he appreciates my hobbies and lets me do my thing!

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