Happy New Year!

2012 was a GREAT year for me. My life just completely fell in to place.

This time last year Johnny and I had only been dating again for a little over three months. We’d just said the big “I love you” on Christmas. Everything was fresh and new and we had high hopes for our relationship. On New Year’s Eve, Johnny’s beloved grandfather passed away and we rang in the new year mourning for him and celebrating the life he’d had. It was definitely a rough patch, but I think going through it made us that much more stronger. It made me take everything that much more seriously. Knowing that life just flies by and you have to grab on with both hands and hold on tight. I wanted to hold on tight to Johnny.

So I did.

In May I finished medical coding school and passed my coder’s exam. In June I started looking for jobs in Marietta so I could move in with Johnny. In July I had an interview at Marietta Memorial Hospital. In August they called and offered me the position. In August Johnny proposed to me. In August I moved in with him.

Let’s just say… August was a big month. 🙂

We’ve only been living together for about 4.5 months now and it’s been going really, really well. In October we got a puppy. And life just keeps on getting better. And nine months from now, he’s going to be my husband. It’s amazing how much can change when you find someone… The love that opens you up and spills right out of you. Being with him has changed everything about my life. And all those changes are so good; they’ve made me better. He makes me better.

And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. This is going to be a good year. 2013, bring it on! 🙂

I am going to try and document it by doing a 365 day photo project. We’ll see how long I stick with it. It’s going to be with Instagram, because I think it’ll be much easier to stick with it since I’ll use my phone to take the pictures. Because I always have my phone on hand. I downloaded an app called “Collect” so I can track the journey and also do a little bit of writing to go with the pictures.

I hope I can keep it up!

I have more to write about, but I really just want to go lay down in bed with my fiance and snuggle while watching TV. So… Until next time. 🙂


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